To love or not to love, that is the question

I have been thinking about what to write for this topic for what feels like forever. I mean, I could talk about the books I love, the genres I love to write, or share some steamy love from my books.

Or, I could just talk about something else.

And now that I am writing this post for, um, TODAY, I still have no idea what exactly to focus on.

So, after humming and haa-ing, not to mention STARING at the screen for entirely too long, I’ve decided to share two little love scenes in my books.

But before I do that, I have a confession to make. I am a die-hard romantic. Yep, that’s right. I love a great sweeping, all-consuming romance – one that can span the ages and endure, no matter the odds.

So it is not surprising that I modeled the Requiem Series after Romeo and Juliet, and was inspired by a scene between Anne and Captain Wentworth in Persuasion when writing Transcend.

Since this is Valentine’s weekend (yea, I know  – it’s actually President’s Day, but I am a romantic afterall), I am sharing a scene from Lacrimosa and one from Transcend – each illustrating my love for all things romantic.
From Lacrimosa:

A pang of deep longing ripples through me. I’m torn between my promise to send Aydan to the Abyss and my need to keep him safe. The opposing forces fragment what remains of my mind, breaking me down once again.

I close my eyes and center my thoughts. Let go of him. Let go of that life. I picture my life as a Sentinal—the training, the commitment to live a life detached, the oath to serve. It’s everything I am. Everything I’ve wanted.

Lacrimosa high res

Until now.

Now there’s Aydan.

Black, spiked hair. Smooth, pale skin. His image floods my thoughts, looking exactly the way he did that first night. Same black jeans, same leather jacket.

I draw a ragged breath and let the fantasy unfold. The musky pine scent of his skin. The feel of him next to me. The sound of his voice as it resonates through me.

In the recesses of my thoughts, Aydan wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me close. His other arm drapes across my chest and in my dream, I am forever safe.

His heart beats too fast against my back, mirroring my own. His hot breath caresses my neck, igniting waves of desire I shouldn’t have. I give myself to the dream, melting into him as he presses his lips against my neck.

My body trembles. “Stop it, Nes,” I whisper to myself. “This isn’t real.”

But I want it to be, more than anything.

“You’re a warrior,” I say. “Purge your emotions. All of them. You can’t give in to this. You can’t be weak.” I know I should push the dream aside. Detach from the longing in my heart.

“I don’t find you weak at all.” Aydan, the real Aydan, moves his hands to my hips and turns me to him. “Not in the least. I love your human form.” He presses his body to mine.

His touch sears me. I pull away, barely able to speak.

“Aydan? You’re here?”

“Be with me,” he says, kissing my jaw, my neck, my shoulder. Every spot his mouth touches closes the empty spaces inside.

A storm of desire gathers in my soul. Not just desire—need. “I shouldn’t…can’t—”

Aydan stops and looks at me, his amber eyes as beautiful now as the day we met in Germany. “Tell me you don’t love me.”

I try to form the words. Try to lie. But every cell, human and angelic, reaches out for him. Every thought, only him. I fall back into him, giving in to everything I desire.

From Transcend:

My Dearest Kiera,

Transcend hugh resThere are so many things I want to remember about that night.  The feel of your lips on mine, the longing they held when we said goodbye, the promise of a life together with you. But, sadly, that is not what fills my thoughts.

Instead I am forced to relive the damp air, thick with fog that blanketed my skin. And the veins of mist as they hugged the ground and spiraled into smoke, choking the air from my lungs. I remember the crackle of flames when they ignited the spaces around me, turning my face to ash.

But most of all, I remember the silence. Relentless and unyielding, like the pause before a deep breath. Or the moment before sound begins. There was a time when I welcomed such solitude, desperate to create a wall against the noise that forever bombards my thoughts. But not now.

Not if the price of such respite is you.

You are the barrier against the chaos of my thoughts. You chase away my nightmares and make me feel whole again. Only you. And now that the realization of all that I’ve lost bears down on me, I am left to wonder if you will ever be able to look at me again. Will you still love me?

When I left you that night, it was with plans for the future—our future. But now that fate has dealt us a twisted blow, I fear our paths are no longer intertwined. Silence is all that remains, a dark void where you should be. There is no comfort in it, no peace. It smothers all that I am, sinking its cold tendrils into my heart and I am again lost inside a deep abyss.

Part of me craves the quiet, afraid that in your absence the noise and clutter of my thoughts will grow too loud to ignore. But this silence is no friend. It condemns me, mocks me.

Without you in my life I am nothing more than an empty shell of longing. I pray that we find each other again and fulfill our promises, lest our love be shattered and I become altogether lost.

I will be strong for us and endure all that I must in order to leave this perpetual agony. All I ask is that you wait for me, as I cling to the memory of you.

Forever yours,


So? What do you think??? What kind of literary love do you like???

18 thoughts on “To love or not to love, that is the question

  1. I love the love parts. I like the goosebumps and fluttery stomach scenes. When an author can get me so involved and invested in characters that I actually feel like I’m living in their world with them, it makes their love story so much more enjoyable.

    I enjoyed your snippets. Very sweet and romantic–and a lot of swoony moments. 🙂

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