Literary Love

I admit it: I’m a sucker for a good romance. When I’m not reading YA or science-y non-fiction books, you will most likely find me with my nose in a regency romance. Preferably a really, really steamy one.

As a reader, I adore the thrill of falling in love over and over again. In a good romance, the reader gets to feel all of those things right along with the characters, and it’s a fabulous thing. (Of course, if there are ball gowns involved, I’m even happier.)

I have to tell you, though, as an author? It’s even better. When you write the characters – when you CREATE that falling-in-love for two characters, it’s the most marvelous feeling. Watching their encounters unfold, without anything that comes after being written yet, it’s  the closest thing to falling in love in real life, because the end of the story is still to be told.

Writing Keira and Walker’s romance was the best time I ever had creating something. Each touch, each kiss – it left me floating the rest of the day.

When I’m not writing, though, my favorite romances to read are by Stephanie Perkins, Sarah Maclean, and of course, our own Michelle McLean! Happy reading . . .


7 thoughts on “Literary Love

  1. First of all–Happy Release Party day! Secondly, I knew you love writing romance because you taught me how to do it! But thirdly, I’m not sure how I missed that you love Regency romance!

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