My Funny Valentine’s day lovers’ bookclub.

2263586109 Literary love on Valentine’s day..

Today of all days, maybe I should blogging about literature’s greatest lovers, or the story that plucked at my heartstrings the most. Or even my real love for some books which I genuinely believe changed my life, because there are a few.  But, you know what? I cant think of valentine’s day without bringing to mind one of my very favourite songs; My Funny Valentine. Those Rogers and Hart guys sure knew how to write a tune. And I don’t really mind if it’s Ella, or Frank, or Tony Bennet, or Chet Baker who does the,  “your looks are laughable, un-photographable,” dirty.

I just love it for all it’s ironic, anti-Hallmarkfest, brilliance.

So, in that vein, for my very irreverent love and literature blog for this month, I thought we’d take a tongue in cheek look at my Valentine’s day Lovers’ book club.

Here are my top dozen:

Fifty shades of we-hey!
The Lord of the engagement rings.
The Unbearable Lightness of this lovely Pashmina…yes, for you my darling.
Let’s get a Room with a view.
A Farewell to arms—hello to all the other bits.
To kiss a mockingbird.
(Let’s do it in) the dandelions, the beach, and the wardrobe.
Friday night and Saturday morning? Must be my birthday.
Schindler’s lust.
The man in the tie-on basque (only on week-ends).
Gone with the window cleaner.
Keys to the condom (for you Garth Nix fans)

Feel free to suggest your own.

Rhys A Jones


11 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine’s day lovers’ bookclub.

  1. These are great. It’s too early for me to think of any more to add. If something comes to mind, I’ll add it later.

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