Zadie Stonebrook’s New Year’s Resolutions

Making a New Year’s resolution means I want to change something about myself. But I’ve discovered so many new things about myself recently, I need to wrap my head around it all before I can come up with something logical. Before I found out what I really am and what I am capable of, there might have been only a couple things I’d resolve to do. Like pass the tenth grade. And get Gavin to look at me. Now my eyes have been opened to a whole new level of priorities.

One resolution does come to mind: Find out what’s wrong with my sister. She’s been acting so eerily strange lately, sometimes I don’t even know if it’s really her behind those vacant eyes. And that brings me to another resolution: Master my powers so I can protect Mara—and myself, since ending up dead isn’t anywhere on my to-do list.

Coming May 29thClick image to add to Goodreads

Coming May 29th
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18 thoughts on “Zadie Stonebrook’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Funny how so many normal people resolve things like “lose weight” and “give up smoking,” while characters in books have to resolve things like “stay alive.” I hope our characters are more successful with their resolutions!

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