Marco Santorini’s NYR

A New Years Interview with Marco Santorini. By Annie Render, Senior Editor at Rolland County Press.


AR: Hello Marco. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today

MS: You’re quite welcome, although, I can’t for the life of me understand why you have chosen to interview me of all people!

AR: Well, we wanted to pick someone who has lived in this town for a long time and has seen it go through various changes. 

MS: Let me guess, everyone else was busy?

AR: Well, I wouldn’t exactly put it like that. You see Marco, although you have lived in this town for a number of years, very few people know much about you. We wanted to interview to give the younger folks in town a chance to get know you.

MS: So, everyone was busy?

AR: Now you’re just putting words in my mouth/

MS: Salley and Sal had better things to do, huh?

AR: Now, now, Marco…

MS: This is about Sam, isn’t it? 

AR: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

MS: You heard me, this is about Sam. I’ll bet the others were sharp with excuses, so that only left me to deal with. Unbelievable! Don’t you people have anything better to do than bother me with this? It’s like spitting on an injured man! Why can’t ya’ll leave us alone?

AR: Marco, this isn’t about Sam. 

MS: Then what is it about?

AR: Your New Years resolution.

MS: You’re interviewing me about my New Years resolution? In the middle of all the chaos taking place in this town, you sat me down to talk to me about a resolution?

AR: Yes, sir.

MS: How odd. Okay, go ahead then.

AR: So, Marco, what is your News Years resolution?

MS: Good question. I didn’t make one. I’m not a big believer in those kinds of things. I make small resolutions as I go along. At my age, it’s hard to take on long term commitments, because for all I know, tomorrow my heart could give out, and what’s the use of looking forward to a goal if I may die soon? My health hasn’t been up to par recently, you see. 

AR: Would you mind telling me one of your small resolutions?

MS: Not at all. Yesterday I made a resolution to organize the storage room of the cafe. It’s been ages since I cleaned that place out. Mario usually does it, but he’s been in hiatus since his road accident, which has left me alone there with almost no help. So, I made that resolution. I also made a resolution to eat something healthy for dinner once a week for a month. A month is not a long term commitment, I can see myself surviving the next month or so. I just don’t want to build my hopes up in case I don’t survive to years end.

AR: I see.

MS: Have I told you everything you wanted to hear

AR: And then some.

MS: Good. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get back to work. The lunch rush is going to start soon and I have a lot of work to do.

AR: Sure thing.

MS: Oh, and if you don’t mind, please omit my rant about Sam from the published interview. I don’t want these folks getting the wrong idea or anything. What happened between Sam and I is not of the concern of ya’ll. You hear?

AR: Loud and clear sir. Loud and clear. 

Little did Marco know that this was only the beginning of his New Year’s misery…

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