Resolutions from a Noble Knight, and his Rogue of a Squire.

Michael: ‘Twas my idea to coin resolutions for the coming year.

“’’Tis like a compass for the heart,” I told Fisk. “To set our minds and will on course for whatever endeavors we undertake.”

“If you don’t have a destination, then a compass doesn’t do you much good.”

But Fisk looked interested, despite his words, mayhap because writing would be involved. If we had the money for paper and ink, and enough time in one place to settle to it, I think Fisk might undertake some literary task. But this needed only a scrap of paper and a few moments. And it might encourage both of us to become better men, in the year ahead.

“Well, I’m doing it.” I told him. “You can suit yourself.”

I took up the pen and wrote:

To make the world a better place, for my having been in it.
To show kindness and honor to all who cross my path, to give aid to those in need, and pursue justice where I may.
And to that end, we shall pursue this Jack Bannister, who is a great villain (despite having once been Fisk’s teacher) and who may lead us to a villain even greater than he.

Then I tore what I had written off the paper and thrust my words into the candle flame. I managed to drop it to the hearth before my fingers burned. Then I pushed the remainder of the paper toward Fisk.

“Your turn.”

Fisk: If I wrote something down, he’d get off my back. So I wrote.

To keep Michael alive.
To keep him from chasing after Jack.

Because if I could do the second, the first might be reasonably easy. Well, at least possible. If I couldn’t keep him from going after Jack, I’d be lucky to get myself out alive, much less him. And Jack. And all the innocent bystanders, too.

It’s not easy being Michael’s squire.


The Knight & Rogue Series, YA fantasy by Hilari Bell: The Last Knight, Rogue’s Home, Player’s Ruse. Thieves’ War, coming in 2013

23 thoughts on “Resolutions from a Noble Knight, and his Rogue of a Squire.

    • That’s interesting–my original logline pitch for the series was “A young Don Quixote meets Philippe Gaston from Lady Hawk.” (Does knowing that movie totally date me? Probably.)

      • And now I can’t unsee the Mouse/Fisk connection. So thanks? I do friggin’ love that movie, but I will very very disappointed if Fisk sounds like Matthew Broderick in my imagination while reading the next book. Anyway, I can’t wait for Fixer and Thieves’ War!

      • I don’t think you’ll hear Matthew Broderick–to me, Fisk doesn’t sound like him at all. It’s more in the attitude.

  1. I love it! Michael and Fisk are one of my favorite brothers-in-arms duos ever! (And it’s one of my favorite series as well) I can’t wait for your new book to come out!

  2. I am absolutely thrilled that Mike and Fisk are on the prowl again, though from your blog it sounds like we’ll be waiting longer than 2013 to see Book 4? Ahhhh, I’m dying here. Thank goodness these boys are well worth the wait.

    • Actually at this point I’m thinking late fall of 2013 for book 4 (Theives’ War) summer of 2014 for book 5 (Scholar’s Plot) and Spring of 2015 for the currently untitled book 6. I wouldn’t bet too much money on it, but that’s the current plan!

  3. Oh, I am sooo looking forward to the fourth book of K&R series! I am bouncing on my seat trying to figure out what trouble Fisk and Mike are going to be in.this time.
    And then as always I am wondering; will Fisk take on some courage to court Mikes sweet younger sister? Will he?? I don’t know why but those two just seem like a perfect item to me.
    Well, thank you for making my usual dull life a joy!

    • What they’re going to tackle next is Jack Bannister, and more important, Jack’s criminal boss who has a whole city and all it’s legal system either terrorized or in his pocket. As to the rest…wait and see.

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