P. J. Hoover and PIPER from SOLSTICE’S New Year’s Resolutions!

Hey! P. J. Hoover here, and I’m so happy to be a part of Scene 13! So I have a young adult book coming out June 18, 2013 from Tor Teen. It’s called SOLSTICE and it’s filled with all sorts of mythology, dystopia, romance, and mystery. To say I’m excited for the release is a complete understatement.

SOLSTICE by P. J. Hoover (Tor Teen, June 18, 2013)

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Piper is my main character, and she’s this girl who lives under the thumb of her mom. Like you guys think you had it bad growing up. Piper’s mom doesn’t let her do anything. And if this isn’t bad enough, the entire world has been suffering from uber Global Warming. They even have a special name for it: GLOBAL HEATING CRISIS. This is normal life for Piper. But then, when she turns eighteen, some one gives her a mysterious present: a box that she opens. And everything changes.

Today Piper’s stopped by and offered to share her New Year’s resolutions with us here at Scene 13.


Piper here!

solstice_card_back_piper copy

1) Let’s start with the whole Global Warming thing. Sure, I like the hot weather as much as the next person. But 115 degrees and higher every day is a bit much. And then there are the shortages of food and water. And the fact that the city is constructing these giant domes. So my first New Year’s resolution is to do what I can to help solve this whole Global Warming fiasco. Yes, I know it sounds like a lot, but every single person can make a difference.

2) Next, let’s talk about my mom. She never lets me do anything. So call be a rebel, but I want a little bit of freedom. I’m about to turn 18. That’s supposed to be a magic age. I want to go away to college, make new friends, make my own choices in life. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, and it sounds like a great resolution to me.

3) This kind of falls into (2) above, but let’s talk separately about my love life. Like I said, I’m almost 18. I’ve never been kissed. Never been on a date. I’m hardly even allowed to talk to boys. So this year, I want to change all that. I want to find the perfect guy and fall in love. If my mom ever lets me out of her sight, maybe I’ll have a chance. And if she doesn’t, I’ll find a way anyway 🙂

4) As a final resolution, let’s talk about my family. Actually my lack thereof. I have no brothers or sisters, and I’ve never met my father. So this year, I want to find out who he is. And find out why he’s never been a part of my life.

Four simple resolutions. Maybe not realistic ones, but I’m going to try.



Piper’s world is dying. Each day brings hotter temperatures and heat bubbles that threaten to destroy the earth. Amid this global heating crisis, Piper lives under the oppressive rule of her mother, who suffocates her even more than the weather does. Everything changes on her eighteenth birthday, when her mother is called away on a mysterious errand and Piper seizes her first opportunity for freedom.

Piper discovers a universe she never knew existed—a sphere of gods and monsters—and realizes that her world is not the only one in crisis. While gods battle for control of the Underworld, Piper’s life spirals out of control as she struggles to find the answer to the secret that has been kept from her since birth.

“Solstice is one red-hot read—it intrigues, sizzles, and satisfies.”
—Cynthia Leitich Smith, New York Times bestselling author

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About P. J. Hoover

P. J. Hoover is the author of the upcoming dystopia/mythology YA book, SOLSTICE (Tor Teen, June 18, 2013), the upcoming Egyptian mythology MG book, TUT (Tor Children's, 2014), and the middle-grade SFF series, THE FORGOTTEN WORLDS BOOKS (CBAY, 2008-2010). You can read more about her and her books on P. J.'s website or blog.

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