Nolan Trividar’s Resolutions

Nolan rowed even, precise strokes, moving the small boat faster than he’d ever made it go before. It clipped out on the bobbing waters, propelling Nolan as far as he’d dare go. Night was falling. It would do him little good to go far from shore.

He’d never been good at rowing; it was one of the many things his father chided him on. He’d often pointed out Nolan’s flaws, shouted at him, told him he couldn’t row his way across a mud puddle. This time, his father wasn’t there to witness his perfect strokes. His movements were too flawless, too precise, too… strange. It was something Nolan must adjust to, of course; the Shay of Precision did that to a person. He’d have to adapt to doing things too well.

His father’s voice bellowed from the boathouse, over the gentle, lapping waves. He augured with Uncle Camden about what to do with Nolan. Father wanted to send him away, while Camden wanted him to stay. Nolan stopped the oars and pulled them into the boat with shaking hands. The Shay power surged, going down his limbs and up his spine. He closed his eyes as it, once again, took over.

Nolan had anticipated the new year to be one of new beginnings, yet he hadn’t known how much would change. He’d figured he would fail the tournament, come home ordinary and powerless, and continue his life with the family’s fishing business.

Fate had different plans.

So now, Nolan was left with unexpected new year’s resolutions. Unlike past years, when he’d vowed to catch the largest fish, or when he’d planned on exploring islands or hiking to the mountain pass. This time, he had to make a choice.

  1. He could throw himself in the waves and be done with it all.
  2. He could tell his father the truth: He had gained a Shay power. But doing so would prove he’d hidden it. And anyone who did that, was as good as dead. It was law.
  3. He could pretend to be normal.

It was an obvious choice, but one that wasn’t so easy. Alone, in the middle of the sea, he could conceal it, somewhat. Out in the world, interacting with others….

Another tremor of power filled him, spilling light from his eyes, illuminating the twilight around him in a faint, blue glow.

He clenched his fists and squeezed his eyelids closed, smothering the beacon of light which gave him away. He had no other choice but to hide this secret. He must learn to control his power; his life depended on it. But that would be a lot easier said than done.


The Emissary (Coming Dec 2013 from Month 9 Books)

By: Kristal Shaff

A seventeen-year-old must defeat an ageless king and his powerful army in order to save their land from a cloud of darkness that threatens to destroy him, and those like him, who possess one of six deadly powers.


12 thoughts on “Nolan Trividar’s Resolutions

  1. Wow, good stuff! Man these just keep getting better and better! I have a long reading list for 2013!!! I love it!!

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